So proud to participate at the Romanian Film Festival London 2019 that it's taking place between the 24th of October and the 28th of October at the Curzon Cinema in Soho.

Was very exciting to meet film director Corneliu Porumboiu and other members of the production team...


I set up my installation in Dockey Wood – Part of Ashridge Forest – on Sunday.

The weather was rainy and miserable and even though my installation was set up near a footpath the reduced foot traffic meant that I didn’t get the chance to see people’s reaction to my inst...


Constantin Brancusi is one of my favourite Romanian artists.

My structure reminded me of his work the Endless Column.

When I uploaded my progress to my tutor she happened to link the same sculptor to my work.


To make sure my installation fits in with my chosen site I did a dry run in my back garden.

I realised that my initial idea of arranging my paper sculptures as tree stumps would not work and the structures would look out of place in the forest.

I decided to look at diffe...


I attended a local car boot sale to purchase cheep books. The price range was between 10p and 50p.

The books were heavy to carry so I will need to think about a way of producing lighter structures out of the books or transporting the installation to site might prove an...


Creating tree stump-like structures from materials found in the forest has proven very difficult due to the nature of the site and weather conditions so I had to find an alternative way of constructing the main part of my installation.

This is how I came across the art...


During a recent visit to Kew Gardens I studied the labels attached to the trees.

I could do something similar as part of my installation.

I could use some of the background trees to attach temporary labels with information related to Ashridge Forest and the local site an...

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